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Atualização Científica

Atualização Científica

A Biblioteca Virtual da AMMG é responsável pela assessoria científica do 19º Congresso Mineiro de Neurologia, disponibilizando revistas, artigos, guidelines para palestrantes e congressistas. Visite nosso estande e tenha acesso a todo o conteúdo.


Disponibilizamos, gratuitamente, os mais relevantes artigos científicos de Neurologia.

  • Neuroimaging in insomnia: Review and reconsiderationsJ Sleep Res. 2023 Sep 20.
  • Insomnia and REM sleep instabilityJ Sleep Res. 2023 Sep 7.
  • Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Treatments for Painful Diabetic Peripheral NeuropathyDiabetes Metab J. 2023 Sep 6.
  • Sleep Symptoms and Disorders in Episodic Migraine: Assessment and ManagementCurr Pain Headache Rep. 2023 Sep 4.
  • Current treatment options for cluster headache: limitations and the unmet need for better and specific treatments-a consensus articleJ Headache Pain. 2023 Sep 4.
  • Epidemiology, burden and clinical spectrum of cluster headache: a global updateCephalalgia. 2023 Sep.
  • Migraine headache: When to consider these newer agentsJ Fam Pract. 2023 Sep.
  • Motor rehabilitation after stroke: European Stroke Organisation (ESO) consensus-based definition and guiding frameworkEur Stroke J. 2023 Aug 7.
  • Management of cluster headache: Treatments and their mechanismsCephalalgia. 2023 Aug.
  • InsomniaContinuum (Minneap Minn). 2023 Aug 1.
  • Neuropathy Score Reporting and Data System (NS-RADS): A Practical Review of MRI-Based Peripheral Neuropathy AssessmentSemin Ultrasound CT MR. 2023 Aug.
  • Guidelines of the International Headache Society for Controlled Clinical Trials in Idiopathic Intracranial HypertensionCephalalgia. 2023 Aug.
  • Management of acute ischemic strokeMed Clin (Barc). 2023 Jul 31
  • Advances in Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment: Current Status and Future DirectionsAJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2023 Jul.
  • Management of convulsive status epilepticus: recent updatesEncephalitis. 2023 Apr.
  • Machine Learning in Tremor Analysis: Critique and DirectionsMov Disord. 2023 May.
  • Diagnosis and management of patients with polyneuropathyCMAJ. 2023 Feb 13.
  • Prevalence and Clinical Types of Tremor in Multiple Sclerosis and its Associated Disability: A Systematic ReviewTremor Other Hyperkinet Mov (NY). 2023 Sep 13.
  • Essential tremor. Handb Clin Neurol. 2023.
  • The diagnosis and treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in older adultsExpert Rev Neurother. 2023 Jul-Dec.

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